Posted by Barry on Sep 24, 2018

Digital Voice Recorder-An Info

Digital voice recorders are devices used to record music and voice to digital files. Voice messages are recorded in a memory chip. Digital voice recorders are used to record any event such as press meetings, conferences and music concerts. Digital voice recorders are popular among business people who want to record data without any disturbance or interruption. Digital voice recorders are also capable of transforming information to a computer. They are a cut above tape recorders in a number of ways, not the least of which is the great amount of storage space available on a single microchip as compared with a cassette or mini-cassette.

You can find digital recorders with music player, professional dictation recorders, and micro-cassette recorders. Their features include reliability, attractive design, and quick transfer of files to the computer, easy editing and portability. Digital voice recorders come with several features including the 65-hour digital voice recorder, 130-hour digital voice recorder and 282-hour voice recorder. By using a simple connection, the 65-hour digital voice recorder is able to record telephone conversations. The 130 hour digital voice recorder can hold 99 files. This model has recovery support. The most important feature of a 282-hour voice recorder is its smaller size with high capacity.

The top five brands of digital voice recorders are Olympus DS-330 Digital voice recorder, Olympus WS-200S Digital voice recorder, Sony ICDSX25VTP Digital voice recorder, Olympus DM-10 Digital voice recorder, and Panasonic RRUS380 Digital voice recorder. Features and capabilities of these vary by model. It is advisable that the user check their actual features before buying the product. You just need to do some research on the digital audio recorders, and see if they are right for you.

Other recorders will come bundled with there own transcription software or in some cases you will need to purchase software separately. Along with software you will need foot pedals and headphones for manual transcription.


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